El Fantasma!

El Fantasma

El Fantasma (The Ghost) is the stage name for Mexican regional singer and songwriter Alexander Garcia, also affectionately known in Mexican media circles as “The King of the Underground.” The reasons for the lack of transparency around his identity are numerous and are difficult to sort from fact, but none have kept him from becoming a charting recording artist for the Afinarte label.

Garcia has been interested in music since he was a teen. He dropped his first single, “Mi 45,” in early 2016. Its video garnered over ten million views. His debut album, Equipo Armado, ran up the Mexican airplay charts. He wasted no time, issuing three more albums during the calendar year: En Vivo Desde Badiraguato, Pa’ los Recuerdos, Vol. 1, and Vengo a Aclarar. A live version of the latter, Vengo a Aclarar (En Vivo), followed the next year. The live version rekindled interest in the studio album, which landed at number ten on the Hot Latin Albums chart during August of 2017.